The Wellness Revolution Hall of Fame

The Wellness Revolution Hall of Fame honors those wellness revolutionaries who have made significant contributions to wellness—changing our world for the better one person or patient at a time. The members of the Hall of Fame have helped tens of millions of people lead happier, healthier and longer lives. Their contributions and accomplishments serve as an inspiration to future generations. Vive La Revolution!

2007 Inductees

Tod Cooperman
Using the Market to Regulate an Industry

Peter and Kathie Davis
Mobilizing an Army of Fitness Professionals

Steve Demos
The Soy Wonder: Building a "Right Livelihood"

Patrick Gentempo
Creating Affordable Wellness for Everyone

Bob Hoffman
Training the Wellness Professionals of Tomorrow

Jill Kinney
America's #1 Fitness Club Entrepreneur

Fabrizio Mancini
Revolutionizing a Profession from the Inside

Joseph Mercola
World's Most Popular Natural Health Web Site

Carl F. Rehnborg
Inventor of Multivitamins and Multilevel Marketing

Russ Reiss
The Heart Surgeon Making Heart Surgery Obsolete

J.I. Rodale
Paving the Way for the Wellness Revolution

Geoff Tabin
Bringing Wellness to the Third World

Paul Wenner
Inventor of The Vegetarian Burger

Frank Yanowitz
The Wellness Cardiologist


The New Wellness Revolution

Five years ago, in the first edition of The Wellness Revolution, economist Paul Zane Pilzer outlined an emerging $200 billion industry he called "wellness." Today, that industry has grown to $500 billion, and it's just getting started, offering even greater entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Praise for The New Wellness Revolution

"Paul Zane Pilzer has proven time and time again that he holds his finger on the pulse of our economy, and The New Wellness Revolution is no different."

—Anthony Robbins
author Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power


"The New Wellness Revolution reveals the most important secret for tomorrow's successful entrepreneurs: where to invest your dream. Step by step, Pilzer shows entrepreneurs how to find where they fit in the mega-industry of the future—wellness."

—Randy Fields
cofounder, Mrs. Fields Cookies


"Like any machine, the body runs best when operated according to its design principles. Noted economist Paul Zane Pilzer shows how to promote—and profit by—the wellness revolution."

—Michael J. Behe
Professor of Biology,
Lehigh University,
author Darwin's Black Box


"Paul Zane Pilzer shows how Rodale traditions of individual and environmental health make sound economic investment sense in today's world. If you've been looking for the next big, ground-floor opportunity, catch the wave of the future—The New Wellness Revolution!"

—Ardath Rodale
Chairman, Rodale, Inc. publisher of Prevention
and Men's Health

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